Serbia is facing exciting developments: The accession process to the European Union along with the implementation of the EU-Funding instruments, starting with the IPARD Program in 2016 for rural development, the necessity to invest in agriculture to feed the world population, the decisions of the international community of States at the World Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015 to promote Renewable Energies are just a few important drivers that will bring opportunities and prosperity to the Serbian economy. And not forgetting the good relations to Russia and Middle East countries for which Serbia has an important bridge building function.

The aim of the founding partners of WRM Consult d.o.o. to provide consulting services in order to make use of future business opportunities and to contribute to “excellence in business” of our clients and partners.


EU - Serbia - Russia


The consulting services offered by WRM Consult d.o.o. cover the following main business sectors:

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Renewable energy and environment
  • Food Industry
  • Forestry and wood processing
  • Tourism
  • Other manufacturing industries, construction and services, logistics
  • Public sector