Bioenergy consultancy

WRM Full-Service – from the project idea to the turnkey-plant.

In collaboration with company AGROPOWER and other experienced international and local partners WRM is providing complete project development services in Serbia and other Balkan countries.

In general our services are divided in the following phases:

Phase 1: Pre-feasibility (basic check-up)

  • Preliminary clarification of the legal, technical and commercial feasibility of the project in terms of
  • Suitability of the location (ownership or lease contracts)
  • Availability of raw-materials/agro-biomass (contracts for ~12 years)
  • Confirmation of the relevant feed-in tariff for the project in mind
  • Grid-access
  • Contracts with heat consumers and/or reduction of energy costs of investor
  • Eligibility for EU- & National Funding Programs
  • Pre-clarification of Financing

Phase 2: Project study

  • Elaboration of a technical-commercial project study including cost estimation for the total investment.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and dossiers for applying of EU- and National Funding Programs.
  • Presentation of the project to commercial banks and international financing institutions and funds.

Phase 3: Planning and engineering

  • Development of the project until the status “ready for construction” by obtaining all necessary permits in particular the environmental and construction permit.
  • Tendering for construction and technical supply contracts if needed.

Phase 4: Contracting biomass supply and facilitating biomass logistics

We source and facilitate biomass supply contracts and implement most efficient biomass supply and logistic models

Phase 5: Turn-key supply of technology

  • Turn-key supply of technology in co-operation with local engineering partners and international machinery and component suppliers

Phase 6: Monitoring

  • We monitor all steps of project implementation from biomass supply to energy production.

► Save time and management resources and make use of our ONE-STOP-SHOP for planning, engineering, permitting, biomass sourcing and supervision of construction site and start-up of production


Main sectors of applications

WRM is offering complete solutions for bioenergy projects for the following main sectors of application:


  • Large to medium sized farms for production of agro-fuels
  • Heat consumers: Farm building, green houses, dryers, etc.


  • Dairys, breweries, meat processing, etc.
  • Consumers of heat, steam and cooling


  • New parks in devlopment or modernisation of existing one's
  • Consumers of heat and cooling


  • New district heating networks/rehabilitation of old networks
  • Consumers of heat


  • Adminstrative buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Consumers of heat and cooling