Export consulting

The globalisation process in general, the Accession of Serbia to the European Union as well as the excellent relations of Serbia with Russia enable unique perspective of Serbian companies for business development on international markets.

Our consulting approach on exports: It's not the size of the company that matters, but: flexibility, creativity, staying-power and target-orientation.

Failure is a consequence of: inconsistent approaches, acting precipitately, lacking information, underestimating costs and start off time, engaging in wrong partnerships, insufficient internal organisation and employee qualification.

Our Consulting model concerning the development of export markets is based on a consistent and stringent approach:

System analysis

1. Status Quo Analysis
2. Determining the targets
3. Establishing internal conditions
4. Selection of Country
5. Determining adequate entry markets
6. Product adaptation
7. Determination of the export strategy
8. Preparation of contracts
9. Sales planning

In cooperation with entrepreneurs and our local experts we determine the best strategy for market penetration and will be accompanying our clients until the predefined goals are accomplished.

Depending upon the risk, the capital and the management capacities, the decisions regarding the following internationalisation strategies are taken:


1. Indirect export
2. Direct export
3. Export co operations, cluster development
4. Licensing, transfer of know-how and technologies
5. Joint ventures
6. Branch offices
7. Foundation of Subsidiaries (distribution and/or production)